Schirkoa (Screening+Making of session) / ASIFA India Hyderabad

ASIFA India (Hyderabad) celebrated International Animation Day a bit late. But for all the right reasons. They had a great bunch of speakers and hundreds of enthusiastic students on 4th January 2017 for a full day event.

It was fantastic to chat with Rajesh Sharma (Walt Disney Animation), Rajiv Chilaka (Green Gold Animation) and Dipak, Varun, Sreenivas & Sumoh (Cirqus Studio) between the talks and breaks. Big thanks to R K for inviting me to this beautiful event.

Discussing the making of Schirkoa along with a screening with the students and industry professionals went really well. And the standing ovation at the end was overwhelming. I thought I am just a guy who works on the computer whole day. But this was beyond words. Thanks to all the students who loved the film, appreciated the work and are now reeling to bring their own stories to life.

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