So this is the result of  last 3 days.  If you don’t want to read last 2 posts, the challenge was organized by CGTalk as an exercise for how much a single artist can do in 3 days. ( Although the final resolution is pretty low, and there are a thousand things I want to tweak, but this is all I could do in 3 days. The theme was “ICE”.

I was on a single machine with an old GTX 640. Rendered at 800×335 to finish on time. Full GI, Bokeh, Motion Blur & Volume Scattering. Longest render was about 1.50 minutes. Thanks to Redshift.

Characters/Mocap from uber handy Mixamo.

CGTalk WIP thread:

Final Video: 
(I am planning to render a full resolution in coming week.

Written by I.

Animation Filmmaker

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