Alumni Award for Outstanding Individual Achivement

 The Trophy

I have been awarded Alumni Award from 3D Sense Media School, Singapore for Outstanding Individual Achievement. Here is the big, heavy award trophy on my table. The CG Hero is a custom hand-made trophy, designed and sculpted by Singapore’s artist Julian Khor (Koei, Softworld and Ubisoft).


On 20th June 2013, 3dsense Media School Singapore held its inaugural CG Hero Alumni Awards, an event honoring their alumni for their exceptional contribution to the media and entertainment industry.  I am not really working for a CG House right now, going completely indie at the moment. So this award came with a twig of surprise. It felt a little like a reunion, seeing old faces around. Straits Times has also done a coverage for the event here. And here is a group picture of the 20 winners. The ceremony was greeted by the presence of artists from Polygon Pictures Japan, Pixar Animation Studios, Lucasfilm, Double Negative and more.

With Shuzo Shiota, CEO Polygon Pictures Japan.

 Monsters University Premiere

Later, after the ceremony we had the premiere of Monster’s University. I have liked what Pixar has done before with Wall-E and Nemo. But lately, it seems more like a cinema aimed at preschoolers. It looked nice, but that’s that. As far as the content goes I would rather wait for Blur’s Goon.

The Short Film “Blue Umbrella” did feel like a step in right direction. There was an opportunity missed in terms of the story though.  

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