Schirkoa (short)

A 14 minute animated short film written, directed and created by Ishan Shukla. The film got long listed for the Oscars 2017 becoming the rarest of Indian animated film to do so. It also won ‘Best in Show’ at SIGGRAPH Asia, ‘Best Animated Short’ at American Movie Awards, Bollywood Film Journalists Awards followed by 122 film festival screenings and 35 international awards. Schirkoa is now being produced as a feature length animation of the same name. It’s set to release in 2020. The short film is available on Vimeo on demand and Amazon Prime Video. Check out Schirkoa’s website to know more about it.

Year: 2016
Director/Writer/CG Artist: Ishan Shukla
Co-producer: Sharad Varma
Actor: Kira Buckland
Music: Sound Design: Nicolas Titeux
Sales and Distribution: New Europe Film Sales
Production: Ishan Animation

schirkoa_screenshot_02 schirkoa_screenshot_03 schirkoa_screenshot_04 schirkoa_screenshot_05 schirkoa_screenshot_06 schirkoa_screenshot_07 schirkoa_still

Written by I.

Animation Filmmaker