Had a fantastic post screening Q & A session and discussion at The Great Indian Film and Literature Festival on Schirkoa. It’s motivating that audience received the film so well and asked intelligent and thought provoking questions regarding the world, characters and my own journey. It heartwarming that many of my family members could come and finally watch Schirkoa, now that it visited my hometown.

Thanks GIFLIF and Karan Kukreja for putting up this fantastic chapter in Bhopal. Hope it grows bigger by each year.



Schirkoa finishes a year


It’s been a year since Schirkoa‘s completion. And it’s been wonderful. The story of bagheads, the protagonist 197a’s own demons and Schirkoa – the city’s beautiful claustrophobia was a story worth telling.  The film has done considerably well in it’s run at the festivals. It qualified for the Oscars by winning LA Shorts, won top honor at SIGGRAPH and staying pretty strong by getting screened in some of the most prestigious film festivals. These are all horribly scary things for an anti-social person sitting behind a computer whole day consuming cup noodles, video games and internet junk.

Early tests from 2013 and 2014 :

Animatic (2015) : 

Trailer (2016) : 

Before it’s eventual online release it will have a run at decent number of TV Channels and VOD Platforms across the globe, thanks to New Europe Film Sales Distribution.

Ishan Animation Studio will now create more such films. Hopefully at a quicker pace. At the moment, it’s taking a break from narratives. It is going to deliver a couple a Music Videos before delving deep into the next film.

Welcome, to Ishan Animation.


Distribution for Schirkoa

It’s a pleasure to announce that Schirkoa will be distributed all across the world through New Europe Film Sales, Poland. This means over the coming months you might be able to watch Schirkoa on various TV channels and platforms apart from film festivals.

To start things off, those in Spain can catch Schirkoa ‘tonight’ on various Canal + Channels.

Mid 2017 updates

I have been busy with some very interesting upcoming projects. Just finished a Music Video (hint- Schirkoa). And another is slowly building up. Had a pitch produced for a superhero comics project. Still in early stages of development.

Testing some new technologies to make the rendering and animation workflow a bit more efficient for indie projects. All in early stages so nothing much to share, yet.

Schirkoa is going steady with the festival run. There is more news coming on it regarding online/offline release that I shall share in upcoming posts. With Animayo (Spain), British Animation Festival, Australian Animation Festival and Animex (UK), it has been in company of some tremendous line up of films.

Here are May Festival Selections:


2017 – Official Selection/ Animex (UK)
2017 – Official Selection/ Super Geek Film Festival (USA)
2017 – Official Selection/ British Animation Film Festival (UK)
2017 – Official Selection/ Mexico International Film Festival (Mexico)
2017 – Official Selection/ Texas International Film Festival (USA)
2017 – Official Selection/ California Indie Film Festival (USA)
2017 – Official Selection/ Australian International Animation Film Festival
2017 – Official Selection/ Animayo (Spain)

Seminar in Thailand

I gave a seminar on the ‘Making of Schirkoa’ at BIDC (Bangkok International Digital Content Festival). It was fun to talk to the students and professionals from Thailand and all around Asia. Discussing the technical and artistic details of Schirkoa with like minded artists is always exhilarating. The BIDC Team was great and I am really looking forward to the SIGGRAPH Asia later this year at Bangkok now. Later I flew to Chiangmai to give the seminar to a fun bunch of students from Chiangmai University. Didn’t know North Thailand is so laid back and peaceful.